How To Find Your Passion

Figuring out your passion is probably a lot easier than you might think. There are no wrong answers. - Michelle Hagen

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Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Figuring out what you’re passionate about

  • Discussing how to find your passion and using it to start a business

  • The exercise Michelle recommends to use to narrow down your top passions

  • Step 1: Write down gifts and talents that come naturally to you (ie: singing, running, cook or gardener)- take 5 minutes to complete this step

  • Step 2: Write down your learned skills (ie: graphic design, meal planning, hair braiding, organization, simplifying)- take 5 minutes to complete this step

  • Step 3: Write down what you’re knowledgeable in (ie: birth coaching, fertility, breastfeeding, social media)- take 5 minutes to complete this step

  • Step 4: Take your notes and group them together into like categories (ie: motherhood, business, family, organization)- stack repeat notes together

  • Step 5: Look at all the categories and determine which one(s) don’t light a fire inside- set those aside