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How Following Your Intuition Can Impact Your Business

Every woman desires to feel the freedom, the peace, the happiness inside- to follow your heart. You are worthy to follow your heart and not have all the answers. - Emma Hicks

Emma Hicks | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Emma listened to her intuition as she traveled to road to entrepreneurship and believe that if we all just listen to our inner callings and what we are craving we will create the life our heart desires.

Have you ever had that feeling in your gut telling you to do something? That's your intuition talking otherwise known as God or whatever else you believe in. But listening to that can change your business and open doors you never know was possible.

Emma is a momma, entrepreneur and creator of Camp Climb. She is an old soul who is driven by the desire to create community with other entrepreneurs where they can go beyond the surface level, disconnect from the busyness of building a business and connect together in a safe space where women feel seen and heard.

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Learning as you go and implementing the knowledge you have as you continue to build your business

  • Tapping into your inner strengths and making dreams come true

  • Reaching out to other authentic entrepreneurs for advice and encouragement

  • The importance of remembering that all are welcome at the table

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs that cloud our vision for entrepreneurship

  • How to follow your intuition when you’re trying to create a business

  • Believing in yourself before anyone else does

  • Head knowledge (ego) vs. heart knowledge (intuition)

  • Trusting in your intuition and surrendering control over your situation to a higher power

  • The importance of slowing down and savoring moments in the midst of the crazy

  • Following your intuition is using what you’re gifted in even if it goes against the norm

  • Giving yourself permission to step into your calling

  • Making yourself a priority in order to positively impact your family

  • Creating a self-care plan that continues to drive you to be a better version of you


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