Is Blogging Dead Or Alive In 2020?

Growth is not linear is exponential. - Sahar Tweigye

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Sahar Tweigye | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Isn’t blogging dead? Why do I need a blog I just want to run my business, I’m not a blogger?

Listen the simple answer to this questions is you need a blog for SEO purposes. But you also need your audience to know you are an expert in your field and blog does that!

In this episode I talk with the queen of food blogging Sarah Tweigye who turned her post once a month blog into a massive success that now helps her pull in 2.1 MILLION Pintrest views a month!

For some of us, and when I say us I mean me. Think about blogging we cringe at the thought of writing a long post about our thoughts or a story. I’m good with speaking words not physically typing them and making it all grammatically correct. It has never been and my guess is it never will be a strong skill of mine. But I know having a blog is important and we all need it for our businesses to rise to the top of Google, Pinterest, Youtube, ect. So listen in as we talk about why you really need a blog and Sahar’s top tips for being successful!

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