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Creating Memories Our Kids Will Remember Forever Even In Quarantine

“When we think of the best memories of our childhood often those memories are simple things with our families” - Allison

Allison Carter | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

In this time of quarantine there are many of us who are missing out on major milestones of our families and kids lives. We are missing graduations, the last days of preschool, the last days of middle school, parties, and celebrations with family. This week should have been my preschooler’s graduation, I have shed a lot of tears over this. I know some may roll their eyes and think, it’s JUST preschool graduation. But it’s a major milestone that I didn’t realize my mama heart needed and was so important until it was taken away. So as I scrambled to figure out what we were going to do to celebrate and to make my son feel special while in quarantine, I turned to my friend Allison Carter, the queen of celebrations!

Allison believes that every occasion, big or small, deserves to be celebrated, and she helps families do just that. With her business, Allison Carter Celebrates, she creates digital party and holiday planning guides that help families celebrate all of life’s occasions and holidays. while saving time, stress and money. She takes the stress of planning off your plate so her clients can focus on all the fun parts of hosting a beautiful party. Her Memories in Moments podcast has served thousands of families around the world, helping them turn up th e volume on life’s little moments to create beautiful, lasting memories. She has recently launched her first physical product, Memories in Moments: Unwrapped, a holiday themed subscription box helping families bring her popular holiday celebration guides to life! Allison and her business has been featured in Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, Real Simple, Mingle Magazine, and more.

Allison is going to talk us through some of the ways we can celebrate the moments we are missing that even this wait till the last minute for everything mom can handle!

Here is a peak inside some of ways we can celebrate our kids in this season.

  • End Of Year Celebration - Kick off Summer as a Family Celebration

  • Summer Surprise Box

  • Celebrate the Lost Moments - The Celebration Just Looks A little Different

  • Ask Teachers, Friends, and Families To Send Something to the Kids telling them how proud they are of them.

  • Don’t make the days missed sad, turn it around to a fun celebration, making the entire day about them.

  • Have a surprise attack, Yes Day! We are hearing no a ton in this season, so have a day where they get to hear yes around the things they want to do.


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