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Online Event  Strategy

In the year of all things virtual I bet you attended a big online conference and thought, this would be awesome for my business but there is no way I could pull something like this off.


Let me tell you a secret - it’s not as hard as you think it is. Online events can be as simple or big as you want them to be and still create massive impact! I have the strategy to help you create online events from micro summits to on-line conferences with multiple speakers and stages!

Alexa - How do I create an online event? 

Alexa - How do I create a virtual in the round stage?

Alexa - How much does it cost to create a virtual event?

Alexa - Can you create the virtual event for me?


Have any of these thoughts come to your head in the last year?


If you're like me you had big dreams of these amazing in-person events with decor, speakers, and the best photo-op backdrops.


But now you're seeing all these massive online events by major names and thinking no freaking way can I make that happen. I stink at tech, I don’t know how to create these awesome pre-event videos, and there is no way I can make a stage like that. 


What if I told you that you could do it without learning any additional tech, no pre-event video, no big stage and you could STILL make MASSIVE impact?!


The beauty of online events is they can be small and intimate

or you could make a full blown interactive event all from

the comfort of your home or even your bed if you're like me!


I took my personal online event from idea, concept, planning, launching and holding in less than 40 days. I used platforms I was already using for my business expert for one, scheduled and planned all speakers, created marketing with a full launch plan, and hosted the event.


I already created a blueprint and have been able to replicate it with other entrepreneurs just like you! 


No need to ask alexa, google, pinterest, or DM someone hoping they answer. 


I got you friend!



Knowing your heart

The first thing I always do is to find the heart of your event and listen to what your main goals are for your event. I am a creative myself so I understand that you have big visions and dreams. It’s just I’m enneagram 3w4, so I want to put goals and strategy to your dreams while making them individual to you and your event.

Knowing the Why  

Why are you hosting this event? What is the result you want out of the event, are you using it to create leads, as a funnel, or to simply create community?





Knowing the who

The next thing we do is break down who you want and your event, why they want to come, and what they are needed to get out of your event.

Knowing the how

 Then we figure out how you are going to host your event. Where will it take place and how you are going to make it all come together. I want you to know an event can be created with tools you probably already use for your everyday business.





Knowing the strategy

Finally we create a strategy plan that fits you and your event. We work with your strengths and create a plan to help you sell your event and to get attendees to actually show up! 


Creating an on-line event doesn't have to feel overwhelming

and there is no need to be afraid of the tech! 

I will walk you through it all from set up to hosting your event.

Think of me as your Phyllis Nefler Troop Beverly Hills guide! Well more think of me as the fun of Phyllis but I won't get you lost in the woods, cuz I have the proven field guide

(you know the map to how it's done)!




Event and Launch Outline 

Event Messaging Outline

72 hour Voxer access

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In case we haven't met yet, I'm Michelle!

There’s nothing I love more than Jesus and celebrating business goals over a good happy hour mid-shelf margarita with my friends. Think of me as your big biz sister who drinks coffee and gives out of the box genius advice as fast Lorelei Gilmore. 


I become instant friends with everyone I meet and I love cheering people on in their big dreams no matter how big and audaitouse they might be! 


I have over a decade of sales experience from working for and with; fortune 500 companies, course creators, community builders, creatives, to working with a small e-commerce business back in the day when facebook first made business pages. (Agh, I just aged myself! ) I have held every position from owner to supporter and I have sold; in person, over the phone, virtually, cold calling, in the DMs, via a landing page, and even door to door! (This was back in the day when I worked for a magazine and they made me sell ad space by actually cold call walking into businesses. My how selling and the laws of cold calling have changed in a decade!) 


I can’t wait to meet you, to help you create a strategy, and to become one of your biggest cheerleaders! 


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