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Reach Your Dreams

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Mentorship Program

This one month program helps you gain clarity and take action on your dreams to make them a reality. Think of me as a cheerleader and coach all in one! 

What You Will Gain



We will discuss you big goals and what you want to achieve. I will help you hone in on your area of expertise, who your ideal client is, and the action step you need to take next. 


I give you tangible tools and specific actions items to complete in order keep moving yourself forward. We will check in on your progress, areas you are struggling, and what is next for your specific goal. 


Having someone hold you accountable to action items and tasks, helps to keep you on track and moving forward. You will fell supported and I will never ask you to accomplish more than I feel you are capable of doing in your season of life. I understand you might have a full time job or be a full time mom that takes most of your time. You will never be shamed for not completing something, instead you will feel encouraged in what you do accomplish. All while being pushed to reach for more! 

Micelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Omaha Nebraska | Sales Strategy


We will connect 4 time a month for 1:1 mentorship sessions. You will have email support outside of sessions to ask support questions or so I can help you celebrate a win. 


Mentorship sessions take place online via Zoom or if you are in the Omaha area in person. 


After we connect and get raw and honest about you, your goals, and what’s holding you back, I work closely with you to deliver specific strategies and to help you reach your goals to the best of my ability. 


Helping women launch and reach their dreams has a special place in my heart. I truly value that you let me come along side you in your journey. Because I want to be able to pour into you specifically. I currently only allow 8 mentorship students at a time. 

 How a Mentorship Can help you:

Create Systems and processes

that will help you to scale your business 

when the time is comes.

Refine and create your sales pitch.

Know your why behind your business 

How to create content

specific to your business

Create the foundations of your business 

Who your ideal client is and how 

to speak to them

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