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Spring Retreat
Release | Refresh | Reconnect 
Bennet, Iowa - April 21st to 24th 


If you’ve been dreaming of a retreat that centers on inspiration and letting go of the things that have been making your soul feel heavy. This retreat will provide an escape from technology and outside responsibilities. Giving you the space to breath deep, reconnect with God and take time for yourself. You will leave with your cup overflowing and a greater sense of your purpose and calling. 

You’ll get to spend 3 days building new relationships with like-minded women, unplugging from the outside world while being nourished with farm to table style food, life giving workshops, meditations, yoga sessions, bonfires and more!

The retreat will be held at a private location, tucked in the country side near Bennett, IA. The location includes a cozy log cabin and 40 acres of wooded walking and hiking paths. True magic happens when you enter a space surrounded in nature.


Meet Your Host & Team

Hi I'm Michelle! 

I am the host and planner of your retreat experience. This retreat has been a long time in the making and all the pieces fell into place at just the right time for this to be possible. I truly believe if you found your way here it's because God is calling you to this experience! 
My life has been changed by retreats and know the power of taking time for yourself and to fill your cup. 

I am a big dream advocate and a champion of women pursuing the things they feel called to no matter how big or small! I am a connector, marketing consultant, podcaster, creator, and soon to be yoga teacher.

My hope is that I can hold space for you to find yourself again in whatever valley, peak, or messy middle you find yourself in right now in this season. 

When you change a women, you change the entire family.



Meet Christine!

The one who will help make the magic happen.

Christine is a Labor and Delivery Nurse, Mom, and Queen of all things crafty.

Her ability to hold space for women and to see them right were they are is unmatched. She has won the Daisy Award two times for her ability to care for her patients with skill and compassion.



Meet Bridget! 

She will be helping to fill your belly with her amazing cooking! Be prepared to feel like you are at a 5 star restaurant! 

Have a specific food need like gluten or dairy free, Bridget has you covered!

Bridget is also a boutique owner, chicken farmer, and the one who will have you snort laughing with her witty humor. 



- Confidence to trust yourself and your unique magic: Each one of us has something special that has been placed within them and in this weekend you will dig deeper to find it! 

- Deeper faith and clarity on what you are being called to next: No matter how big or small your next calling might be, you will allow yourself space to listen, feel, and see what God has planned for you next!

- Refreshed with a cup overflowing with extra for you to be able to give to others: You may come with a cup that is empty or half full but you will leave with extra! Allow us to pour into your cup and serve you in this weekend. Everything will be taken care of there is no need to worry!

- Reconnection to yourself, your spirit, and soul: We can not function is all parts of us are disconnected. We will work to make sure your spirit is full so that your soul can know it's purpose from God!

- A new sisterhood of women: We were never meant to do this life alone and sometimes you just need a group of women who see you right where you are today and except all of you just as you are today!

Walk Away With:

This Retreat Is For You If:

- You need to remember YOU: Looking in the mirror you just aren't sure who this women is staring back at you and you need to find that spark that lit her up again.
- Lack boundaries: You say YES to everything and everyone but often don't take time for yourself to refill your own cup.
 -Need sisterhood and deep connection: You need a place were people just get it and see you for nothing other than just you.
- Experience Imposter Syndrome: You have anxiety around something in your life that you feel like you are not successful but all things point to you are.
- Are Constantly Striving and Pivoting: Taking action only for the results, wanting to be in control of everything, & always looking for what is next. 
- Lack of Trust in Your Gut: You know what you need to do next but are constantly wondering if that is the right thing for you to do. 
- Seek deeper faith: You want to connect deeper with God.
- Just need a break: Life feels like it just keeps coming faster and faster and you can't slow it down. Even if for a few days to let go of all responsibilities to take a deep breath for yourself. 



Once you arrive on site everything will be taken care of for you! Our hospitality team will be ready to help welcome you into your weekend of pure magic on our secluded 40 acres of woods, trails, and a cozy log cabin. 


Meals will all be provided and served to you in a Farm to Table style with the space to slow down and enjoy bite.

You will have to ability to choose your sleeping arrangements. The cabin has two private bedrooms with queen beds, a large loft with a king bed, a basement cocooned sleeping area with 4 twin beds, hammocks in the tall pines, along with 3 full bathrooms.

Arrival on the 21st will be a come at your leisure between 12pm and 1pm.

Departure on the 23rd will be between 2 and 3pm. 

The Retreat will be limited to a max of 10 women.


*Payment plans available 




Shared Queen Bed In Private Room

2 spots Remaining

(You can reserve these rooms for single occupancy for $975 )



Hammock in the Tall Pines

1 spot Remaining - We will set up hammocks but you will provide your sleeping bag & blankets



Shared King Bed

In Loft

(Sold Out)



Twin Bed In Basement Nook

2 spots Remaining 



Q & A: 

- Where is the Retreat located?: On a private property, just outside of Bennet, IA. About 4.5 hours from Omaha, NE and right in-between Des Moines, IA and Chicago, IL.

- What will I need to bring?: We will provide you will a packing list before you come of everything you will need. Everything you most likely have already!

 -When will we arrive and leave?: The retreat is April 21 - 23rd you will arrive between 12 and 1pm on Friday the 21st and depart between 2 and 3pm on the 23rd. 

- Will I have to share a bed with someone I don't know?: Possibly depending on what sleeping arrangement you choose. There are options to select a private room for an extra charge. If you select a shared room and do not have anyone you are coming with we will choose your roommate for you!

- What If I'm not a business owner can I still come?
: Yes! This is not a business specific retreat. Think of this as more of a while person big dreams retreat! Some business talk may happen but that is not the focus of this retreat.

- What is the break down of each day?: Part of this retreat is trusting the process and not knowing every detail. There will be morning meditation and yoga, slow meals, down time to relax in whatever way you would like, workshops, and so much more!  

- What if I have a food allergy?: We will do our best to accommodate your allergy no problem!  

- Is there payment options?: Absolutely! You can choose to pay for your retreat on a payment plan if needed

- What if I register and can't come?: Tickets are nonrefundable but can be transferred .

- What If I'm really nervous about coming?: Trust me it's going to be worth and no need to worry if you don't know anyone we will all become instant friends real fast! 

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me!


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