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Sales and Marketing Coaching

3 month exclusive 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs who have already launched their business and have seen sales. 

What You Will Gain



We will review your ideal client and make sure you are speaking to your client in the way they need to hear your sales. After we have honed in on your client we will clarify your current sales pitch, celebrate where you are winning, and focus on areas that can be improved.


Once we have identified how we are going to sell and market to your clients, we set actionable goals to make that vision a reality. We will tailor specific strategies centered around authenticity and passion that will help you not just create a one time customer, but customers who are loyal to your brand. We will create a strategy that you can continue to execute with ease after our time together is over. 


When our time together is completed you will have a confidence in your sales and have a plan of how you can increase your sales goal without sacrificing more of your time. You will have an understanding of the numbers you need to be tracking to continue the trajectory of growth we create. You will see the next steps of how you will take your business to the next level and still live the life you have always dreamed you would create. 

Micelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Omaha Nebraska | Sales Strategy


We connect twice a month for 1:1 coaching sessions for three months. You will have constant email support outside of sessions to make sure you’re on track to hit your goals and growth. I will also keep an close watch on your current sales and give you in real time feed back on where I can suggest improvement.


Coaching sessions take place online via Zoom or if you are in the Omaha area in person. 


After we connect and get raw and honest about you, your goals, and what’s holding you back, I work closely with you to deliver specific strategies and to help you reach your sales and marketing goals to the best of my ability. 


I:1 coaching is specific to each client and I feel that being able to give each client in-real-time feed back is extremely important to the success of your goals and our time together.  Due to this unique style of coaching, I only take on six clients per month at this time. I do this so my time can be spent intentionally with each client.

Micelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Omaha Nebraska | Sales Strategy

 Having a Sales & Probability  Strategist will help you:

Create sales and personal goals with action steps to reaching your goals

Refine and create your sales pitch.

Know your why behind your business 

Know where you can increase

current sales and identify missed sales

Audit your sales and marketing numbers

to make sure you are tracking the correct numbers to move the needle

Have confidence in your sales and how

to speak to your ideal client

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