Speaker, Podcaster, Mentor,
and Big Dream Advocate


I'm Michelle Hagen

I'm Michelle!

I’m balancing being a mom and building my dreams

in-between, school drop offs and pick ups.

I go with the flow, live in yoga pants everyday, 

and stay up way too late either working or Netflix binging

(hello, Bridgerton in one night).


I have a passion for helping women in motherhood

see the dreams they followed are worth it

and CAN be PROFITABLE with the right STRATEGY.


I can promise you one thing, a podcast is not as hard to start
as you think it is! 

I truly believe everyone has an amazing podcast idea inside them and the skills to create it.
You need to get your voice on the airwaves and be heard!

 Grab my PODCAST MASTERCLASS to help you get your podcast started, because friend people want to hear your ideas and voice!

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Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Madison Anaya | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entrepreneur


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Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen |Jenna Kutcher | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entreprener


Listen friend, you built this business because

of the calling on your heart to create it,

all while having a desire to still be with your kids every day.

Now let’s make this business actually create the revenue you want! 

Your job is to be the creative and dream and create all the things.

My job is to teach you how to sell it to your ideal clients

with your voice and put it into a successful strategy!


Sales Strategy


Creating a Sales Strategy using messaging and your authenticity!


Podcast Masterclass

Ever thought about creating a podcast? Learn how to start a podcast for free! 

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Living Your Calling Podcast

Join thousands of others and listen to

 Living Your Calling Podcast 

Inspiring you to be and create exactly what you were made for


Think of this as your one stop shop for education, motivation, and a chat with friends.


When you listen,

get your coffee girl, cuz this is the

place you are going to feel like

your best friends are cheering

for you and I’m asking guests

all the questions you want to

know in life and business.


Join us every Tuesday on your fav podcast platform!

Client  Love Notes


Podcaster, Educator, Photographer 

Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | JENNA KUTCHER | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entrepreneur

"Getting to watch Michelle tackle her dreams and support others along the way led her to be a top, recognized student of mine, gaining her special access to my coaching."

Selected by female power house, Jenna Kutcher - wife, mom, and multiple seven-figure entrepreneur - as a top ten performer in the Jenna Kutcher Implementation Lab Mastermind Community. This elite badge represents determination, exceptional leadership, and dedication to serve others.


I have a confession to make - I HATE e-mail.


Like, I legit every few months skim over and check to see if

I missed anything and then select all and delete.


Gasp! I know how could I?!


Listen, I hate fluff e-mail. I want it straight and to the point.

If it’s not something I need or it’s not going to make me laugh I don’t want it.

Oh, and if it’s a short novel - forget about it - DA-LETE or where is the cliff notes?


So when you see me show up in your inbox,

girl I promise it’s good or you need it.


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