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Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Madison Anaya | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entrepreneur
Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen |Jenna Kutcher | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entreprener
Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entrepreneur

What would your life look like if you hit your sales goals this year?

This is what I know about You...

- If you’re a PASSIONATE female entrepreneur who has worked HARD to make your dream business come true, then you probably already know how important it is to reach more clients.


- You know your business will impact so many lives, and you’re ready to take your sales and marketing to the next level! But the path to doing so can be daunting and you need help figuring out the best action steps. 


- You need someone to team up with who will bring a fresh perspective, identify your biggest areas of opportunity, and turn your current wins into a sales strategy that works!

- And because you're a busy business owner with goals to conquer, you don't have any more time to waste on spinning your wheels to get more sales!


That’s where I come in. 


I help entrepreneurs who have already launched their business create money-generating results that create lifelong clients through tailored sales strategies that target your ideal audience.


Nothing makes me happier than helping my fellow business owners succeed in ways they never dreamed were possible. It’s time to live the entrepreneur life you envisioned when you started your business. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in.

Client  Love Notes

JEnna Kutcher

Podcaster, Educator, Photographer 

"Getting to watch Michelle tackle her dreams and support others along the way led her to be a top, recognized student of mine, gaining her special access to my coaching."

Selected by female power house, Jenna Kutcher - wife, mom, and multiple seven-figure entrepreneur - as a top ten performer in the Jenna Kutcher Implementation Lab Mastermind Community. This elite badge represents determination, exceptional leadership, and dedication to serve others.

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