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Retreat Host, Podcaster, Creative,
Business Coach, Yoga Teacher & Big Dream Advocate

(Are just a few of the multi-passionate titles I have! )

Hey Friend!
I'm Michelle Hagen

"This retreat was more than I ever could have expected. I feel like I have a whole new group of friends and I am truly changed."
- Past Retreat Guest
Join me in Orlando 
September 14th - 18th, 2034 for

Living in Joy

Finding Your Inner Magic Again Retreat




Picture yourself escaping to sunny Orlando, Florida, where the magic of childhood dreams collides with the empowerment of adulthood ambitions. It's a place where Taylor Swift's melodies mingle with the laughter of newfound friendships, and where the Barbie movie's message of embracing your uniqueness resonates with every step you take towards your dreams.


This isn't just any retreat—it's your personal oasis, crafted specifically for high achievers like you who need to hit pause, reset, and rediscover what makes their hearts sing. It's about giving yourself permission to let go of the weight dragging you down and reconnecting with the inner child who still believes in endless possibilities and boundless joy.

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 I'm on a mission to infuse every moment with joy, freedom, and a sense of adventure.

As a yoga teacher, retreat host, and holistic business coach, I've helped countless women break free from the chains of burnout, tap into their inner wisdom, and create lives and businesses that light them up.

Whether you're craving the transformative magic of a women's retreat, seeking personalized support to overcome burnout and realign with your purpose and let it show in your marketing, or looking to infuse your event with mindfulness and inspiration, I've got you covered. Let's embark on this journey together and create a life that's filled with all the good vibes and soulful connections you've been longing for.

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Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen |Jenna Kutcher | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entreprener
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Living Your Calling Podcast


Join thousands of others and listen to

 Living Your Calling Podcast 
Inspiring you to be and create exactly what you were made for
Think of this as your one stop shop for education, motivation, and a chat with friends.
When you listen,
get your coffee girl, cuz this is the
place you are going to feel like
your best friends are cheering
for you and I’m asking guests
all the questions you want to
know in life, faith, fun, and business.

Meet Michelle


If we haven't crossed paths yet, let me introduce myself. There’s nothing I love more than Jesus and celebrating business victories over a good happy hour mid-shelf margarita with my friends. Picture me as your big biz sister—always armed with coffee and ready to dish out out-of-the-box genius advice as fast as Lorelei Gilmore.

I’m an enneagram 3w4 (an achiever who wants to do it like a unicorn), wife and a kinda crunchy chicken nugget yoga pants wearing mom of two boys. I'm a Swiftie - let's talk all the hidden easter eggs. I carry a Stanley everywhere I go. I love yoga but really I go for the shavasana. I am everyone’s instant friend. I might not make you a home cooked meal but I sure as heck will bring you sourdough. I can often be found hiking or in my garden. If I could go anywhere for a day take me to Disney or the beach! 

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Client  Love Notes


Podcaster, Educator, Photographer 

Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | JENNA KUTCHER | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entrepreneur

"Getting to watch Michelle tackle her dreams and support others along the way led her to be a top, recognized student of mine, gaining her special access to my coaching."

Selected by female power house, Jenna Kutcher - wife, mom, and multiple seven-figure entrepreneur - as a top ten performer in the Jenna Kutcher Implementation Lab Mastermind Community. This elite badge represents determination, exceptional leadership, and dedication to serve others.

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